Monday, July 16, 2012

Paleo again

We are back on the Paleo grind. Our original intention when we went to Las Vegas was to be as Paleo as possible, with the understanding we'd cheat inevitably.  But our intention was to eat meat and veggies like wild people.


Whoops.  No excuses.

We're back home and it took us a few days to get back into it, but we restocked our fridge the day before yesterday and had our first good meal of pork chops and veggies last night.  I woke up this afternoon (we're heading to bed around 5 in the morning lately and getting up around 2 or 3 in the afternoon) and made a salad with a leftover pork chop, spinach, baby tomatoes, avocado, and hot sauce. Tonight I'm going to try to make chicken skewers for the grill.  If it rains, I'll probably just toss everything together on the stove and warm up some Paleo friendly marinara sauce to smother over everything.  I have bananas freezing in the fridge to try and whip up some "ice cream" later - will be mixing those bananas and cocoa powder in the food processor.  I wanted to use 85% or higher squares of chocolate, but a trip to Sprouts yielded no such thing.  The highest I was found was 72%.  Really Sprouts?  They also had no fish sauce, which I wanted to to use to make a marinade for the chicken.

I wish we had a Whole Foods nearby.  As expensive as they are, they have what I need.  I haven't been to Trader Joe's yet while being Paleo - I'm interested in checking it out sometime.

Regardless, I'm still excited to try my banana "ice cream."  Look at me go again, heading straight for the sweets.

We're trying to ration our food and use everything before Friday, when we head out for a week AGAIN.  We're going to my grandparents' 50th anniversary party in Rancho Santa Margarita, and spending the weekend in town with my family.  On Monday we're going to the Happiest Place on Earth - not my bed, but Disneyland.  Eeek!  We are going to try and do Paleo as much as we can again.  I'm not sure how the weekend will shake out yet, since our hotel room doesn't have a fridge or microwave, but our room near Disney does.  We'll stock up on cold meats, lettuce, packaged guac, and hot sauce, plus dried fruits, nuts, and jerky.  Our plan is to try and eat before we hit the park every day, so that we're not tempted to buy random sweets or go crazy on fried goodness, and then find suitable places to eat offsite.  We do want to eat at Pizza Port, Blue Bayou, and Goofy's Kitchen though, so those are established free feeding times.

We also discovered the goodness that are Lara Bars today.  I brought home the apple pie, lemon, and banana bread flavors (I also cheated and had a peanut butter one).  It looks like they use dates as the base for everything, and most everything else is good.  I don't want to eat them every day, since they have a bunch of fiber and too much fiber doesn't make my stomach the happiest, plus a bunch of calories and too much fat.  But they'll come in handy when we're battling the crowds at Disneyland and are starving for sustenance.  We sampled all 3 flavors I brought home today and my stomach is already like, garrr.  I am really slacking on my water intake.


I made chicken stir fry, my Paleo "ice cream," and fig cake balls tonight.

My kitchen is a mess and I found out my super cool boss agrees with Daniel Tosh and I'm sick of feeling sick about people that feel it's ok to threaten people.  I'm tired of being around people and sad.

Today got blue really fast.

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