Thursday, September 12, 2013

Paleo Resource Round-Up

I am finally rounding up the Paleo resources I've been hoarding for about a year into one spot and this blog is the lucky winner! I'll add more as I see fit (and as I remember).

Nom Nom Paleo
My favorite Paleo blog EVER. There is a recipe index and an iPad app, but what I really, really love about it is Michelle's writing. She's candid and funny and I enjoy her writing sometimes more than I enjoy her food (but not often). I have the iPad app and it's useful, but I usually just revert back to reading blog posts. Not sure why, but I do. The app is great though.

Taylor Made It Paleo
I only recently found this one and it seems that most of Taylor's recipes are focused on making Paleo "alternatives" to sweet foods. Which I can't complain about! But it might not be for everyone. I've made the Buckeyes and lemon bars and they were very tasty.

The Paleo Mom
I get bogged down a little by the science, but the recipes are good and easy to follow. She also talks a lot about living with children and bringing your family over to the Paleo side, which isn't useful for me, but I can see how it would be useful for families with kids.

Fast Paleo
The go-to for ANY recipe you might be thinking about. It's an aggregate of a lot of Paleo recipes from around the interwebs. Not much writing, but it's a goldmine of recipes.

The Clothes Make the Girl
Another blogger with great recipes. To be honest I don't read many of Melissa's posts (I'm awful) but her recipes are out of the park.

I think Julie's blog might be my second favorite - her writing is warm and funny and the food is fantastic.

Title sums it up - making Paleo food in a crockpot. I have a crockpot and used it sparingly before I found this website - to be honest I was slightly afraid of it. But the recipes on this site are easy and the writers are all about making fast and easy meals, which I can get behind wholeheartedly.

Everyday Paleo
I think I've made only one recipe from this site and the writing doesn't catch my attention, but still a good resource.

Paleo Plan
The very first Paleo recipe I made came from this site and I relied on it heavily when I first started. I haven't used it in awhile, but the layout is clean and easy to follow and I think it's a good starter site.

Elana's Pantry
This website is a GOLDMINE of amazing, delicious food, for a variety of diets. I bought the Paleo cookbook I was so impressed - and I don't buy cookbooks. I've found so many amazing dishes from Elana. I think she's a rockstar.

The Healthy Foodie
Another blog I don't read and use strictly for the recipes. It's a nice variety.

Delighted Momma
Another site with great recipes. This site isn't very easy to navigate however. All recipes are tagged with only the "recipe" label so it's hard to go through and find a specific recipe you're looking for. I finally just took some time and went through and pinned to Pinterest the recipes I thought I might be interested in.

My Pinterest Board
I feel silly linking my own board on here, but this is my Paleo Pinterest board. I have almost 100 pins on it and I add more as I come across them. It's not all strictly Paleo, but some recipes that can be modified easily to Paleo.

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